Friday, February 8, 2013

Performative Reenactment/Interpretive - Assignment #2

Performative Reenactment/Interpretive

Choose a significant artist/group or collaborative performance artist(s) and a performance by said artist/group or collaborative.  Develop a new performance art work that is a creative combination of reenactment and interpretation of the original work.  In other words, your work should be update, reinvent or otherwise be in a reenactive conversation with the original work.  Read the first section of the book "Performance: Live Art Since the 60's", including Laurie Anderson's introduction and Chapter 1 (from the beginning of the book to page 62).  Consider the works therein and continue to research online - the chosen performance could be from an artist mentioned in the text or selected from those mentioned in our first reading or from the history of contemporary performance using 1970 as a starting point.

This is up to you.  Ideally, where should your work be presented?  Duplicate the original location as closely as possible or adapt your work to a new setting.  Should this be on campus or off?

You make work as a solo artist or in pairs or groups.  You man enlist performers from outside the class as long as you are the primary director/performer of the work.

Next week, February 13th, you will present the class with your proposal.  Ideally, we will experience your performance the following week during class time February 20th.

The above video is by Eva and Franco Mattes, they reenacted a series of performance artworks online in Second Life. Take a look at a series of works by Marena Abromovic, she reenacted a series of 7 famous performance works at the Guggenheim, and this:

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