Friday, March 29, 2013

Collaborative Performance/Relational Aesthetics/Social Practice

Collaborative Performance/Relational Aesthetics/Social Practice

As we move into the second half of the term, our goal will be to continue to explore the many facets of performance art - specifically moving away from the "individual" or "solo" performer towards what is perhaps an equally as challenging area of group, collaborative and community based practice.

For next Tuesday, bring ideas/inklings/ruminations/concepts/thoughts to what will be an intensive, group/collaborative discussion and decision making process.

We've done some basic readings and discussed art, social sculpture and an expanded view of the potentials of "relational aesthetics" as well as touching upon "social practice" as related to performance art.  Think carefully about how we, as a group collaborative might create an event or series of events that at once engage and move the notion of "audience" to "participants" or even equal partners in creative action(s).

For now, here are a number of links to get you started:

First, read this:

Outside the Citadel, Social Practice Art Is Intended to Nurture recently from the NYtimes.

Some links for Participatory Art and Social Practice (also, do look up the many artists mentioned in the Relational Aesthetic reading!).

Be sure and check out Parfyme linked above! (she is the artist who spoke at UNR this past week)
and this one, forgot to mention in class - an internet based project happening now:
and of course, on the snarky/satirical side of things -

On Collaboration...
The Guardian - Interesting piece from the UK on creative collaboration

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