Friday, March 29, 2013

Collaborative Performance/Relational Aesthetics/Social Practice

Collaborative Performance/Relational Aesthetics/Social Practice

As we move into the second half of the term, our goal will be to continue to explore the many facets of performance art - specifically moving away from the "individual" or "solo" performer towards what is perhaps an equally as challenging area of group, collaborative and community based practice.

For next Tuesday, bring ideas/inklings/ruminations/concepts/thoughts to what will be an intensive, group/collaborative discussion and decision making process.

We've done some basic readings and discussed art, social sculpture and an expanded view of the potentials of "relational aesthetics" as well as touching upon "social practice" as related to performance art.  Think carefully about how we, as a group collaborative might create an event or series of events that at once engage and move the notion of "audience" to "participants" or even equal partners in creative action(s).

For now, here are a number of links to get you started:

First, read this:

Outside the Citadel, Social Practice Art Is Intended to Nurture recently from the NYtimes.

Some links for Participatory Art and Social Practice (also, do look up the many artists mentioned in the Relational Aesthetic reading!).

Be sure and check out Parfyme linked above! (she is the artist who spoke at UNR this past week)
and this one, forgot to mention in class - an internet based project happening now:
and of course, on the snarky/satirical side of things -

On Collaboration...
The Guardian - Interesting piece from the UK on creative collaboration

Monday, March 4, 2013

Performance #3 Evans Creek Park

Performance #3 - Evans Creek Park - Performing the Urban Forrest

Scheduled to take place, Wednesday March 13th, 1pm!  Invite people!  We will make a flyer!

Create an original, solo-performance work to take place within the geographical confines of Evan's Creek Park. See the googlemap below for a reference on the location.  We've gone from semi-private Skyped Monologues to taking on public and semi-public spaces for your Performative Reenactments.  For this assignment, you are creating a performance for a public space that lies quite literally on the border between our urban and "natural" environments.  I would suggest this as a point of ideation for all of you to think about carefully.  We live in a unique geographical area surrounded by harsh desert, lush alpine mountains - we are quite literally within walking distance of wide open spaces.

Developing Your Concepts:
Consider this an opportunity to investigate solo-performative activities within a public, semi-natural space.  The area in question is within the area of a "park", what is a "park" and why do they exist?  Think about actions, movements, rituals, sounds that might somehow bring something meaningful to this space.  Think about your audience - are they spectators or willing or unwilling participants/collaborators?  Do you want to build a temporal installation or leave something in place?  Most importantly, visit the space in question prior to developing your ideas.  You are to respond to this location in developing your ideas.

Some Ground Rules:
Do no harm.  Any materials that would potentially remain in the park should be harmless to the natural environment and or all foreign objects could be removed at the end of the event.  Be mindful and respectful of the public space to which we are visiting.  10 -15 minute pieces maxium.

Some Artists to Look At:
Fern Shaffer:
Andy Goldsworthy:
Richard Long:
Anna Mendieta:
Kathryn Miller:
Greenmuseum: (look at the amazing list of artists, many perform in the landscape)

I've cut a section from the map to show the more precise location for your performances.

View Larger Map
Note the "Evans Creek Trail" leading to the "Nature Trail", the latter is where your performances will be held.